Yaks, Yak, Yakmeat, Gourmet Exotic Yak meat, Delyaks, Montrose, Colorado, USA

By Bill Graziano on 22 February 2004 | 10 Comments | Tags: Yaks

Robert submitted "DELYAKS raises and sells Yaks and Yak bovine crosses from top genetic lines of Golden, Royal, Imperial, Black; from heifer and bull calves to breeding bulls and bred cows: and markets Gourmet exotic Yak meats from burgers to steaks to whole loins. We are seeking partners to raise Yak bovine cross animals for Yak meat production programs. And we are seeking top end gourmet restaurants and premium burger restaurants who wish to pioneer new tasty and healthy meat entrees on their menus. We also wish to offer Yak meats through health food stores, organic and all natural health food emporiums and delis, and luxury health spas and resorts. These meat products are a new entry into the American market, and are rapidly becoming the rage of a health conscious, gourmet consumer. Once you eat Yak, you'll always be back! The All-Natural Natural!" Follow the link to Yaks, Yak, Yakmeat, Gourmet Exotic Yak meat, Delyaks, Montrose, Colorado, USA...

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