This is the title of your article using an H1 tag

This is a paragraph or two introduction to your article. It is syndicated in the RSS feed and displayed on the home page. Anything between the H1 tagged title and the HR tagged horizontal line below is considered the introduction. Focus on describing your article or the problem it solves.

The article itself goes here.  Please do not change the font for the text.  Please include only minimal formatting as described below.  The width of this section is set to 780 pixels.  On SQLTeam the width will fill the screen.  However 780 pixels is a good approximation of what 1024x768 users will see.

Top Level Heading

Top level section headings should be rendered as an H2 tag.  If your article is very long see if you can break it up by inserting section headings.

Second Level Headings

Second level headings (if needed) should be rendered as an H3 tag.

All formatting is done using a style sheet.  This template links to the style sheet to provide formatting.  You shouldn't need to format any tags.

Plain old basic text is rendered using the P tag.  If want to display SQL code  or output wrap it in a PRE tag.  This is also handy for displaying text that needs to be justified.  Please note that text in a PRE tag won't wrap so you'll need to make sure your lines aren't too wide. It should look like this:

FROM myTableName

Other formatting options in bold text using the STRONG tag, italicized text using the EM tag.  You use bulleted lists like this:

  • I like
  • bulleted lists

You can use numbered lists just like you use bulleted lists.  You can use links if you'd like.  You can use tables if you like.  Tables are harder to format and should be avoided if possible.