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 SSIS and Import/Export (2008)
 Single variable across multiple packages
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Posted - 09/12/2013 :  12:12:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have four separate import processes that, perhaps out of ignorance, I created in four separate SSIS packages. Each package calls a stored proc GetNewBatchNum(), which writes a row to tblBatch, retuning the new BatchID.

My problem is, I now want all four packages to use a single BatchID, not four different ones. How do I call my GetNewBatchNum proc once, then use the returned value for each import package? Any information appreciated.

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Posted - 09/12/2013 :  16:01:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
you could create a master package where you can move the execute proc step. Add a variable inside that to store the returned value. Then use four execute package tasks to call your current four packages. Inside child packages add a variable to get batchid and set the value using parent package variable configuration to received the value from the variable created in master package.

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Posted - 02/25/2018 :  04:15:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
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