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UPDATED: SQL Server 2005 Query Plan Webcast

Written by Bill Graziano on 20 March 2006

On Wednesday, March 22nd at 9:00AM PST I'm going to be presenting a free webcast on SQL Server 2005 query plans. The session starts very basic. We start with very simple query plans and work up as far as we can in the 45 minute session. We'll also cover profiler and some limited index maintenance. If you haven't worked much with query plans this is a great session to get started.

View the recorded webcast

The registration web site is a little funky. Most of these webcasts are targeted at ColdFusion, PHP and Java Developers. Those are the first three choices on the web page. If you use one of those you can choose it. If you don't use one you can choose any of them.

On the second page there is a tab for Data Access on the bottom of the page. My session is listed there. UPDATE: The recorded web cast is now available. You'll need to register using the procedure I described above.