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Listed below are interesting SQL Server related blog posts I came across recently.  If you'd like to get these emailed to you each week you can subscribe to my newsletter using the box on the right.

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP Hekaton Useful Links - SQLRockstar - Thomas LaRock¬es • 1817 days ago

Reading a large SQL Errorlog - Steve Hindmarsh's SQL Blog¬es • 1823 days ago

Correlating XE query_hash and query_plan_hash to sys.dm_exec_query_stats in order to retrieve Execution plans for high Resource statements. • 1825 days ago

Some Power Query/M Examples • 1825 days ago

Improved Application Availability During Online Operations in SQL Server 2014 • 1825 days ago

New Tweets per second record, and how! | Twitter Blog¬es • 1826 days ago

Oops… I forgot to leave an empty SQL table partition, how can I split it with minimal IO impact? • 1830 days ago

Optimizing Scripts for Faster Incremental Deployment • 1832 days ago

AlwaysOn Availability Groups Fully Supported on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services • 1832 days ago

How Memory-Optimized Database Technology is Integrated into SQL Server 2014 • 1832 days ago

Hortonworks, Hadoop, Stinger and Hive • 1832 days ago

SQL – One Query to fetch SQL Jobs Details of All SQL Version – 2000/05/08/R2 • 1832 days ago

What Queries are Failing in My SQL Server? | Brent Ozar Unlimited¬es • 1836 days ago

How to Properly Load Slowly Changing Dimensions using T-SQL Merge | Made2Mentor¬es • 1838 days ago

Presenting PCI for the SQL DBA on August 8, 2013 • 1838 days ago

SSAS Tabular Performance Tuning White Paper • 1838 days ago

Understanding how SQL Server executes a query • 1838 days ago

Adding mount points to a WSFC SQL Cluster ( FCI ) Instance • 1838 days ago

Big Data Marketing Global Survey Released | ZDNet • 1838 days ago

How-to : Use SQL Server to query Active Directory | SK Tech Scratchpad • 1842 days ago

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