About SQLTeam.com

I started this web site with Sean Baird in June 2000 as a place for SQL Server enthusiasts to share information and build a community. I had just started ClearData Consulting with Rick Hanson and we wanted a web site focused on SQL Server. Sean and I provided the technical skills and articles and ClearData paid the bills. (I do consulting through scaleSQL Consulting these days.)

Many props to Scott Mitchell of 4GuysfromRolla.com. It's THE place to go for ASP and ASP.NET programming. Scott, Sean and I all worked together at Empower Trainers & Consultants in Kansas City. Scott is also an author and a very patient young man. Sean and Scott are the originators of the SQLGuru that we we based this site on. Most of the good parts of this site are based on Scott's site. I taught myself ASP by reading Scott's articles.

The rest of the good parts of the site were based on SlashDot. In 2000 I thought it was fantastic site for technical news. Now it seems to be a decent news source full of knee-jerk anti-Microsoft reactions. I do like their clean, simple text-based layout and their ability to comment on articles. I've tried to emulate both throughout the life of this site.

Earlier versions of our site featured "Ask SQLTeam", a way for people to submit questions and we'd answer them. That generated a lot of the content and article ideas in the early days of the site. It also became a haven for spam so we closed it down.

Sean died in a automobile accident in September of 2000 just as we were getting started. I'd love for him to see the site now!

Much of the credit for the early success goes to Rob Volk and Damian Maclennan. They both found the site in its early days and were prolific posters. They later became forum moderators and confidants in all things SQLTeam. Thanks guys!

If you questions or comments about the site drop us an email. We'd love to hear what you have to say.


Bill Graziano (graz)
May 2007

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