Error message While Exporting Data and Replication

By Chris Miller on 23 August 2000 | Tags: Replication

gaurav is having an interesting issue with replication, DTS, and (unbeknownst to him) Microsoft licensing restrictions. I've run into it before, so I thought I'd answer it because I'm sure other folks are tripping on this one too.

gaurav writes "we are building a SQl Server Centric web application, and requires replication as we do lots of offline data entry which is to be replicated to the web server. thus to emulate the same environment in the testing phase, i have changed the sa login password from security options and created a new user and databse with SETUPADMIN( as required for replication) and DBCREATOR Fixed Server Roles and DB_OWNER fixed database role. Now after creating a blank database when i connect from some other machine from network and after successful connection tries to IMPORT OR EXPORT pre fed data into the database through DTS Wizard- it gives error message saying "Licence for the installation of MS Sql Server On your source and destination does not permit the use of DTS to transform DATA.", we are using the BACKOFFICE 4.5, with SQL Server Standard Edition.

Where as if we do the same among two other machines with the desktop edition, the database Importing and exporting works fine along with replication. Does It has to do Something with "Sql Server Enterprise Edition on NT Server" Please Help us and kindly advice what all consideration and steps should we take to ensure that our site gets uploaded and replication happens, what all configuration and roles are required for the same. Thanx in advance"

This is a problem with the type of licensing you chose when you installed SQL Server. Please see this MS knowledge base article.

OK, a miniature rant here. I really really really hate it when the entire reason something isn't working is because the Microsoft licensing services are in the way. It's never managed to get in the way when I'm actually doing something that violates the license agreement (As complicated as the licenses are, everyone violates them occasionally, and you figure it out and fix it) but it always manages to get in the way when I'm doing something unrelated like trying to use DTS or install replication.


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