Updated: Logging In and Article Ratings

By Bill Graziano on 16 February 2001 | Tags: Site News

I made some changes to the user login scripts tonight. You can now log in and out from the main page (way on the lower left). You may have to relogin because of the change though. No passwords were harmed (or changed) in the writing of this code. If you experience any "difficulties", just delete your cookie from sqlteam and log in again. The main page login and the forum login should do exactly the same thing. Some of the features I'm planning to add (article ratings) will require a login so I thought I'd make it easier to login. Article Ratings . . .

were also added. You need to be logged in to rate an article. You can do that through the main page or in the forums. The rating only show on the main page right now but I'll work on getting them in the other page also. If you find any problems, please email me. Robvolk's first article is posting tomorrow morning. Coincidence? I think not. It's a great article and a great way to start rating the articles. I encourage you to take a moment and rate any older articles you either liked or disliked. If you rate an article twice it just updates the rating. I'll work on some code to indicate which articles you've already rated. Probably not very soon though. Remember that you aren't rating technical level. Just how well the article answers the question or addresses it's topic. I'll probably start tweaking this after a few weeks. Until then, enjoy! -graz

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