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 Using forms in another form

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Wouter Benoit
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Posted - 2008-06-03 : 12:25:51


I'm creating an application in C# and I want to use functions of one form in the other.
But when I do so I get the error:

The type or namespace name 'SpelScherm' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Now I know that in vb.NET you have to do

Imports project.form

And then you can access the controls and functions from that form in the oter one.
But in C# I can't get it to work.

Can someone please explain me what I can do about it.

Thanks in advance

Dr. Cross Join

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Posted - 2008-06-03 : 13:04:52
C# uses "Using" instead of "Imports".

Also, in VB.NET, you can import a Class Name, but in C#, you can only specify "Using" for Namespaces.

So, if in VB.NET you have:

Imports A.B.C
SomeMethod() ' calls C.SomeMethod()

You would write that in C# as:

using A.B;

Of course, when in doubt, simply fully-qualify everything. And be sure your methods and properties are not private, and that if you are not creating an instance of a form that they are static.

If none of that makes sense: get a book on beginning C# and read it carefully! This stuff is a very important concept to completely understand.

- Jeff
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