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Posted - 2001-11-16 : 09:34:44
Lale submitted "Data Machine is a Web based database manager, which gives you the power to administer your databases from any Internet Browser from anywhere. This extremely powerful application requires no DLL, no third party components and can be put into any directory. After the initial setup, the program finds its path automatically. It is compatible with Access mdb and SQL Server.

Data Machine enables new ways to add, edit or delete, Databases, Tables, Fields, or Records remotely across the Internet. For workgroups, enterprises or any other type of organization, Data Machine is a complete solution for managing your Databases and for administering your organization's Access or SQL Server driven Websites, whether internal or external.

Data Machine is not only a database manager. It has the full features of an online Uploader for Access Databases, which can be shared with your partners on a fly.

Installation is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Simple to follow instructions are included.

Finally, there is one single application that empowers you to manage all aspects of your Databases effectively and efficiently over an Internet Browser from anywhere.

Finally there is one single application that empowers you to manage all aspects of your Databases effectively and efficiently over an Internet compatible Browser from anywhere.

Some key features are:

Faster And Easier Than Ever Before!
This is the first Database manager Program that is easy to administer and works fast enough so it does not tie up your other work.

Immediately And Unlimited Access To Your Databases Over The Internet!
With this program, you can manage all databases, tables, fields and records remotely. While the program creates new databases on demand, other databases can be loaded up and edited on a fly.
After the work is done, the database can be loaded down to your computer again simply with a mouse click.

Automatically Creates Tables And Auto-Numbers!
Choose the name(s) and let Data Machine create your databases, tables, or fields.

Instantly Update Previous Databases!
You can add a new table or field; delete a table or field instantly to/from your database on the Web, so that you do not need to load it down and edit it with some editor, and load it up again.

Automatically Creates A Link To All Tables In Your Database!
The program automatically creates a link to all tables and fields in your database. You can use this links and may easily update or delete anything in your database on demand.

Automatically Detects Previous Databases In The Folder!
Data Machine has an integrated file detector. Without any setup, it will detect it's own path automatically, and also all other databases in the folder or root.

Instantly See Your Database Structure and Records!
With a click on an icon in the application, you can view your databases structure and records. Data Machine automatically asks for confirmation if you try to owerwrite or delete a record.

Upload-Download Feature!
Data Machine has an integrated FTP File-Uploader. You can upload your databases from your own computer to your web server, edit them on a fly and download them easily back with a simply mouse click.

Unlimited Creating Options!
Create as many Databases, Tables, or Fields as you want, with as many records as you need, without the fear of tables, or fields conflicting with one another. The program does not limit the number of databases, tables, fields or records."

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