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Posted - 2001-12-10 : 01:01:45
Hi Guys,

I would like to know if there is a way to pass back a basic record count from this query back to an asp page that called the sp?

INSERT INTO renee.dbo.po_lines
SELECT distinct po_lines.po_header_id, po_lines.po_line_num, po_lines.quantity, po_lines.unit_cost, po_lines.description, po_lines.created_by, po_lines.creation_date, po_lines.last_updated_by, po_lines.last_update_date
FROM po_lines RIGHT JOIN po_header ON po_lines.po_header_id = po_header.po_header_id
WHERE (((po_header.po_detail_status_id)= @po_status ) AND ((po_header.po_type_id)= @typeid Or (po_header.po_type_id)= @typeid2 )
(( po_header.creation_date > @sDate AND po_header.creation_date < @eDate )));

I would just like to know how many records where inserted. Can anyone help please?

Thanks thanks thanks :)

Funky Drop Bear Fearing SQL Dude!

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Posted - 2001-12-10 : 01:08:21

The easiest way would be to add this after your insert :

Select @@Rowcount as HowManyRows

or something, which will actually return a single field recordset.

It would be faster though, to use an output parameter and select @@Rowcount into that.

How are you with ADO parameters ?

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Posted - 2001-12-10 : 01:11:07
Thanks Merkin!! :)

Im mediocre with ADO :)

I should be able to work it all out!

Thanks again

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