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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2001-12-21 : 15:21:36
I thought I'd post this issue in this forum today since I received such wonderful help yesterday. If you are unable to help me, but know of another site that could, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!


I have two servers which I've successfully linked together.

I am able to link server2 to server1, run a query that extracts data from server1 and inserted it into server2.

Once the data in server2 is updated, I then need to link server1 to server2, read in the data, and update fields on server1.

I can connect and log onto Server2 from Server1. However, when I run a select statement

ie: select * from NTSSQL2.ih_accounts.dbo.ih_accounts

I get the following error message:

'Specified SQL server not found.'

This is not an issue when running the select from server2 to server1.


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Posted - 2001-12-22 : 19:39:11
I take it you do have a linked server NTSSQL2 on server1

>> I then need to link server1 to server2
Sounds like you may be adding a linked server? If this is done in the same SP as the select then this will fail to compile as it won't be ab;e to resolve the server.

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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2001-12-26 : 12:47:19
I dropped the link from server2 to server1 and then ran another proc that linked server1 to server2. It creates the link and logs onto server2, but when I try to run code it says it cannot find the specified sql server. I'm doing all of this linking, logging, etc. as sa. Is there a setting on the server that needs turned on, reallocated, something?

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