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 Query by Column Name

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Posted - 2002-03-01 : 11:48:33
I have one recordset that returns all of the column names from a table. I want to be able to base the next recordset on the value of the fields that reside under that column name for a certain record(CSS#).

The first recordset works fine using INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS

"SELECT * FROM ETATEMP WHERE Recordset2.Fields.Item("COLUMN_NAME").Value = ????????? AND CCS = '" & target & "'"

Thanks in advance.

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Posted - 2002-03-20 : 17:52:49
I'm not sure I've quite understood, but I think this might help:

It's an sp which searches ALL NVARCHAR FIELDS of a given table. Sorry I don't have time to generalise it to all field types...

create procedure spSearchAllFields
@sTableName nvarchar(50),
@sSearchPattern nvarchar(50)
set nocount on

declare @sSQL nvarchar(1000)

--get column names
create table #b (colname nvarchar(50),collist nvarchar(1000))
insert into #b
from sysColumns inner join sysobjects
on =
where = @sTableName
and syscolumns.xusertype = 231 --nvarchar only

--build csv column name list where clause
declare @sWhereClause nvarchar(1000)
set @sWhereClause = ''
update #b
set @sWhereClause = collist = @sWhereClause + 'or ' + colname + ' like ''' + @sSearchPattern + ''' '

--strip off leading 'or '
set @sWhereClause = substring(@sWhereClause, 4,len(@sWhereClause)-3)

--collate SQL
set @sSQL = 'select * from ' + @sTableName + ' where ' + @sWhereClause

exec (@sSQL)

drop table #b

as they say in the classics - HTH

(PS I stole the idea from graz - )

I hope that when I die someone will say of me "That guy sure owed me a lot of money"
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