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 sql server monitoring using sql script

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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2010-02-24 : 09:20:54


I don't know whether this can be achieved or not but this is what am looking for.

Need a script which will monitor the memory usage , cpu utilization of a particular database server.

Basically, i should have a table which contains follow columns

CPU utilization,

I will be creating this table in a separate machine (local instance).
I will be creating a Linked Server to the Remote Production Server which is in the same domain, i need to HIT the production server every 1 hour between morning 8 AM and 6 PM and collect the statistics and store it in the table.

Basically, i need this is because every end of quater, there will be data submission from different clients and lot data and memory and cpu will be utilized optimally.

For that reason, i want to monitor for this end of the quarter. So that i can collect the statistics for the whole month and through we can predict how mauch is memory usage, db growth and cpu utilization.

Can anyone help me out if such / similar kind of functionality is already done.

Thanks in advance.


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Posted - 2010-02-24 : 10:29:53
should use perfmon to do this...but if you insist on scripting it with t-sql, have a look at spt_monitor. you can pipe the output to a table and run it periodically
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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2010-02-26 : 02:05:59
Thanks Russ
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