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 Article: Send E-Mail Without Using SQL Mail in SQL Server

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Posted - 2002-04-11 : 16:45:32
SQL Mail provides an easy way to send and read e-mail from SQL Server. However, because SQL Mail is a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) application, a MAPI subsystem must be present on the server. Microsoft Windows 2000 does not provide a MAPI subsystem (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 installs a MAPI subsystem when you install Windows Messaging). Therefore, in order to use SQL Mail, you must install a MAPI client such as Microsoft Outlook.

You can use other methods to send Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) e-mail directly from SQL Server such as Collaboration Data Objects for NT Server (CDONTS) or Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000 (CDOSYS) in combination with the sp_OA SQL Server OLE Automation stored procedures. This article provides an example of how to use the preceding techniques to send e-mail to an Internet mail server. You can further develop the technique to provide a more robust mailing system. For example, you may want to add error handling code. The methods in the sample do not provide a means for reading or processing e-mail.

Article Link.

Funky Drop Bear Fearing SQL Dude!

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Posted - 2002-04-11 : 19:23:00
Dammit, Microsoft have been reading my articles

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Chief SQLTeam Crack Dealer

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Posted - 2002-04-11 : 22:31:05
Yeah, I noticed that :) I was hoping they would use some of the same code and we could bust 'em for it!

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White Water Yakist

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Posted - 2002-09-03 : 22:36:12
I'm still looking for an optimal way to send 50,000 emails. I wonder if SQL would choke if there were 50,000 emails in the queue table when I invoked this procedure?

I have no idea how smart SQL server is, perhaps it would spin this off in background and it wouldn't affect other real-time querys?

Or am I kidding myself.

I'd really appreciate some feedback. It's a mess to run empirical tests on 50,000 emails.

Any thoughts?


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White Water Yakist

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Posted - 2002-09-04 : 23:01:36

I can't find any documentation on any return value properties of

EXEC @hr = sp_OAMethod @MailID, 'Send', NULL

Anyone know a property that returns a documented code?


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Starting Member

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Posted - 2002-09-17 : 21:34:08
Sorry, I am new to this forum. Was wondering what kind of code you use for sending conduit mail. I have been using one from sywnk. I have send 5,700 emails at once with it. Sql server seemed to handle it fine but the incoming mail server I sent them to did not fair so good!

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