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 Parameters and If Statement in MS Query

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Posted - 2010-08-06 : 12:21:20
I have a table in our SQL Database that I want to query in Excel 2003 using MS Query. I am receiving errors. Here is the basic SQL Script without the Parameters I need.

SELECT Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.ItmAnalyst, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.IntbMsdsCode, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.IntbCommGrup, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.IntbGrup, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.IntbUserCode1, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.ItmStat, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.ItemID, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitDesc1, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitDesc2, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitRevision, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitOuterPackQty, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitInnerPackQty, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitQtyPerCase, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.InitPricBase, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.ItmQOH, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.ItmQOHCost, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.ItmQOHDoll, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.SOShippedTot, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.SOShpCostTot, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.SOShpDollarsTot, Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem.LastUpdate
FROM gartner.dbo.Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem Rprt_L12MonOrdOHByItem

I want to add a Parameter to [ItmAnalyst] but if the parameter is left blank I want it to return all records.
I have tried; IIf([Parameter] is null, '%',[Parameter]) but get a syntax error.
I have also tried; Like '%' & [Parameter] but it says nvarchar and varchar are incompatible in '&' Operation.
So Then I tried; Like '%' & cast([Parameter] as nvarchar(50)) but got a syntax error
So Then I tried; Like '%' & cast([Parameter] as nvarchar) but got a syntax error.

This seems like a simple Idea to me but I can't figure out how to make it work. Please help if you can. If this question is not in the right area please tell me where I should post it. Thanks.

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Posted - 2010-08-06 : 13:15:00
WHERE Col = IIF([Parameter] IS NULL, Col, [Parameter])


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