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Posted - 2010-08-16 : 17:19:52
I'm trying to pull a field from a table within a table and i'm having a hard time to get the data formated the way I wanted. I'm writing these codes in excel sql:

Below is my code:


FROM "DMD_Data"."dbo"."fun" "fun" INNER JOIN ("DMD_Data"."dbo"."impounds" "impounds" FULL OUTER JOIN "DMD_Data"."dbo"."gen" "gen" ON "impounds"."file_id"="gen"."file_id") ON "fun"."file_id"="gen"."file_id"

The data will return something like this:
Loan # Desc value
123456789 Hazzard $199.99
123456789 Flood $199.99
123456789 City $199.99
123456789 County $199.99

How do I return the values Horizontally, like so:
Loan # Hazzard Flood City County
123456789 $199.99 $199.99 $199.99 $199.99

BTW: the code and tables above is simply to illustrate my problem, my actual report have hundreds of fields and tables.


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Posted - 2010-08-17 : 10:59:01
Try this... it will work:

select 123456789 as id, 'Hazzard' as des, 199.99 as val
into #tempTable
select 123456789, 'Flood', 299.99 union
select 123456789, 'City', 399.99 union
select 123456789, 'County', 499.99

select * from #tempTable

select as id, a.val as Hazzard, b.val as Flood, c.val as City, d.val as County
from #tempTable a,#tempTable b,#tempTable c, #tempTable d
where and and
and a.des='Hazzard' and b.des='Flood' and c.des='City' and d.des='County'

drop table #tempTable
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Posted - 2010-08-17 : 11:00:16
try using pivot table in excel.

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