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Yak Posting Veteran

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Posted - 2010-10-07 : 05:10:29

I am querying the following.but its long time for execution.

can anyone i help.

@zipcode nvarchar(50),
@distnace numeric(18,2),
@longitude nvarchar(50),
@latitude nvarchar(50),
@l_qry nvarchar(max),
@l_larstr nvarchar(max),
@l_latstr nvarchar(max)

SET @zipcode='00610'
SET @distnace = 50

drop table #Result

create table #Result
country nvarchar(max),
state nvarchar(max),
city nvarchar(max),
zipcode nvarchar(max)

set @l_larstr='replace(Replace(longitude,'','',''.''),''"'','''')'
set @l_latstr='replace(Replace(latitude,'','',''.''),''"'','''')'

SELECT @longitude=cast(replace(Replace(longitude,',','.'),'"','') as decimal(18,10)),
@latitude=cast(replace(Replace(latitude,',','.'),'"','') as decimal(18,10)) FROM postaldb
WHERE replace(postalcode,'"','')=@zipcode

set @l_qry='insert into #Result (country,state,city,zipcode) select distinct replace(countrycode,''"'','''') as country,replace(region1,''"'','''') as state,
replace(place,''"'','''') as city,replace(postalcode,''"'','''') as zipcode
from postaldb
where (SQRT(POWER(((cast(replace(Replace('+@latitude+','','',''.''),''"'','''') as decimal(18,10))) -(cast(replace(Replace('+@l_latstr+','','',''.''),''"'','''') as decimal(18,10))))*110.7,2)
+POWER((cast(replace(Replace('+@longitude+','','',''.''),''"'','''') as decimal(18,10))-(cast(replace(Replace('+@l_larstr+','','',''.''),''"'','''') as decimal(18,10))))*75.6,2)))
<='+cast(@distnace as varchar)

print @l_qry
exec (@l_qry)

Select * from #result

Previously it takes 30 secs.So i have created the non-clustered Index.
and after that it takes 15 to 20 secs for execution.

But 15 to 20 secs is also too long.It takes time for only calculation.

In my postaldb total records is 6 laksh records.


Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

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Posted - 2010-10-07 : 05:20:26
Duplicate post.
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