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 How to decrypt encrypted code ?

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Posted - 2002-05-15 : 00:08:04
Then how to decrypt encrypted code.... could someone teach me ???

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Posted - 2002-05-15 : 00:25:54
OK, I'm gonna go on a rant here, because quite frankly this needs to be said...

If anyone is curious about, or considering, or thinking about encrypting stored procedures in SQL Server


Here's why:

-Sooner or later, mostly sooner, you're gonna encrypt something and not have a plaintext copy of the code. You know what that means? You're FUCKED, SOL, SCREWED.

-For those who will say, "Yeah, well I can get something off the internet that can decrypt them!"...GREAT, THEN WHAT'S THE POINT OF ENCRYPTING IT? Like you're the ONLY person who would use that decrypt procedure!

The thing is this: UNLESS you are in a highly organized, disciplined, team environment, with anal retentive coding procedures and multiple levels of code review, full source control (Source Safe) and fully documented code revision history tracking, you are not at a professional-enough level to consider encryption. This is not intended as an insult to anyone's knowledge or coding ability.

Encrypting source code is ONLY effective in that kind of environment, because there are multiple safeguards to prevent code loss like you're experiencing here. People who have attained this level of discipline and professionalism NEVER ask how to decrypt a procedure, because they will NEVER accidentally encrypt one.

This is a nasty slap on the wrist, and frankly, you should take it as a learning experience. There have been FAR TOO MANY posts about how to decrypt a procedure, and it has to stop. The best way for it to stop: DON'T ENCRYPT YOUR PROCEDURES. Say that to yourself over and over and over again as you rewrite all of the code you lost.

No, we are not gonna help you decrypt the procedures. Period. Either rewrite your code, or move on to another web site.

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Posted - 2002-05-15 : 00:29:03
Quite a hum-dinger of a post for number 3,900. I'm quivering in fear that I may feel the rage of number 4,000 :)

I'm opposed to encryption also. It's especially difficult to support vendor packages when they encrypt their procedures. Especially difficult.

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