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 Numbers table from cross join

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Andrew Zwicker
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Posted - 2011-05-29 : 00:36:00
I recently profiled on my site at [url][/url] a query that can be used for using cross joins to populate a numbers table. I'm reposting the sql for doing this here. This runs in ~3 seconds and currently inserts 800,000 records. This can be modified to insert fewer or more numbers as needed.

A few examples of number tables in use can be found here [scroll halfway down]: [url][/url]

Here's the SQL. I used a table variable @numbers for the numbers 0-9, but if you're using SQL Server 2000, you'll need to instead use a temp table [#numbers].

create table numbers(number int)

----- Use a table variable
num INT

----- Populate a table with numbers 0 to 9
DECLARE @counter INT
SET @counter = 0

While @counter < 10
INSERT INTO @numbers VALUES(@counter)
SET @counter = @counter + 1

INSERT INTO numbers (number)
n100000place.num*100000 +
n10000place.num*10000 +
n1000place.num*1000 +
n100place.num*100 +
n10place.num*10 +
) AS 'number'
FROM @numbers n1place
CROSS JOIN @numbers n10place
CROSS JOIN @numbers n100place
CROSS JOIN @numbers n1000place
CROSS JOIN @numbers n10000place
CROSS JOIN @numbers n100000place
WHERE n100000place.num < 8 ----- < 800000
ORDER BY number


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