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 Duplicate SP calls in Profiler using ADO

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Posted - 2002-06-05 : 09:40:49
John writes "Hello -

SQL 2000, SP 2


When using ADO, why does SQL Profiler report calls to stored procedures within stored procedures with the same command as the first stored procedure call, but only when using ADO Parameter objects. When using a SQL string pass-through method, Profiler reports the calls correctly. This behavior as been verified in ADO 2.6, 2.7, and .NET.


I have posted this question to various MS newsgroups over the last few weeks, and I have yet to receive a response with an answer or a work-around. Even Brian Moran chimed in a requesting a .trc file, but hasn't responded since.

I have a zip file containing files necessare to quickly duplicate this problem. Do you want it?


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Posted - 2002-06-05 : 09:42:49
$20 says you're using the Parameters.Refresh method, right? In order for it to refresh the parameters, it has to call the procedure. That's why you see the extra calls in the trace, and why the dynamic/constructed SQL method doesn't generate them.

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