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Posted - 2011-09-23 : 00:43:55
Hi all. I have my application which will run in clustered environment. But in case of failover i am seeing some weird behaviour. The problem is stated as follows:
I have two nodes(machines) clustered using MSCS cluster service. I have installed my application on both nodes. Now i cluster my application using cluster api's creating my own group,my own list of resources for that group and add sql db service in that list of resource of my group. During clustering my application i place sql files(mdf and ldf files) at a centralised place and attach to those DB files at the end of the clustering my application. Now after clustering is successful when i launch my application its running fine on active node(first machine). But when i fail over the first machine (that means shutdown) then the MSCS cluster service detects fail condition and accordingly which is passive node will hand over the control to that machine. During this process all services in resource group gets restarted in passive node. In this process the sql service is not able to attach my Db files. It is giving sql error "824 severity 24 state 2" in sql error logs. But if see in cluster administrator i see sql service has started successfully. But seeing in sql logs i feel the sql was not able to recover my application DB.

Sorry for the long story. Can anyone help me to understand what exactly is causing the issue??



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Posted - 2011-09-23 : 07:22:07
Did you follow the steps here to setup your failover cluster and SQL?
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Posted - 2012-01-11 : 12:30:58
let go step by step
1) Your all system database is in the one (SAN) drive - so when there is a failover the SAN sucessfully failed to the other node and sql services are come up without issue.

2) The application databsse which you have the issue , I mean the sql doesnot recongnise - is it in a different SAN or drive , if then we need to check what wrong with that.

3) if the database is in the same drive where the other database is there then can we just run a DBCC to check if there is any issue with the databse.

4) as well check the permission , the services account whcih you configuer the cluster have all the permission in the folder where the databse resides.

we can go from here step by step.

Sr Sql server DBA/Artitech
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