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 Is it possible to replace the first occurrence of a string in a column ?

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Posted - 2002-06-07 : 08:19:31
Franck writes "Hello

When I read your article Using REPLACE in an UPDATE statement

I thought : That's exactly what I need...

After a closer look, it seems it's not exactly true...

REPLACE(string1,string2,string3) replaces all occurences of string2 by string3 in string1 and what I need to do is replace the first occurence and only the first one...

is there a way to do this ?

Please, say yes...

I'm running SQL Server 2000 SP2 on Windows 2000 SP2.

Thanks a lot"

Most Valuable Yak

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Posted - 2002-06-07 : 08:33:51
DECLARE @find varchar(8000)
SELECT @find='Replace this'
UPDATE myTable
SET myCol=Stuff(myCol, CharIndex(@find, myCol), Len(@find), 'Replacement text')

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