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 checking first position for a character

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Posted - 2011-12-16 : 14:59:32
I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this question and ask a mod to move it to the appropriate forum.

We recently merged with another company and a former employee wrote some of their website including a function that will check a product code in the database to see if a "W" is anywhere in the code. The problem is it should only be checking the first position. We have other codes that have a "W" elsewhere to indicate a meeting in the western part of the state. Anyone know how to modify the following so it will only check the first letter of the product code?

if instr(ucase(rs("PRODUCT_CODE")), "W") > 0 then

Yak Posting Veteran

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Posted - 2012-11-29 : 10:28:26
where upper(substring(PRODUCT_CODE,1,1)) = 'W'
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Posted - 2012-11-29 : 10:39:41
if ucase(left(rs("PRODUCT_CODE"),1)) = "W"

But you should consider moving this code into a stored procedureso that the database can be restructured if needed.

Cursors are useful if you don't know sql.
SSIS can be used in a similar way.
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