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Posted - 2000-10-29 : 22:45:56
Ted writes "I have been working for a year (yes, a year) on trying to get a SQL 7.0 SQL Mail connection to a Lotus Notes server. I have probably read every MS white paper, forum posting, and site article on the subject, but to no avail.

I have succeeded in getting SQL Mail to work using both Exchange and MS Outlook. But guess what? Neither are approved for use in my organization, which has stringent approved software standards. I'll get stopped dead in my tracks once I try to do the same on our Prod boxes.

I have read forum postings saying that it's possible to get SQL Mail working with ONLY an 'Internet Mail' profile (no Lotus acct or Lotus Notes client required; Lotus reportedly will relay SMTP blindly unless the Admin prevents it). I tried this recipe, got a successful MAPI profile "Test" via the SQL Mail applet, but no mail ever arrives at the destination mailbox(es).

We are now looking at VB-based home-brew solutions, which would work fine for SQLAgent failed jobs. However, getting SQL performance condition alert messages will be much harder to do on our own. I'd prefer to use SQL Mail if I can, but I'm running out of time - and patience.

Is it possible to get SQL Mail working without the "typical" MS components like Exchange or Outlook? Or must I fight city hall?

Thanks for your suggestions."

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Posted - 2007-05-15 : 15:50:03
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Posted - 2007-05-25 : 14:34:23
I have a dozen or so SQL/2000 servers using email to Domino:

You can't use Outlook Express as it's not MAPI compliant. Logon to the server using the account that you use to run SQL Server then install Outlook 2000 (no servicepack) and choose WorkGroup. Setup an email account on Domino for your server and test the account in Outlook. Restart SQL Server/SQL Server Agent and setup the mail support.

You don't need a Notes client installed on the server.
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