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 Article: Pwdencrypt() Weakness

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Posted - 2002-07-10 : 15:33:23
Uberbloke submitted From "The Register" The inner workings of the undocumented pwdencrypt() hash function in Microsoft SQL Server have been revealed in a paper by security researcher David Litchfield of Next Generation Security Software (NGSS). Sort of thing that we ought to know about, I suppose." Thanks! The article is really a scare piece. It's really only a problem if you're already a system administrator on SQL Server. The other issue is if you used pwdencrypt() to secure other data in SQL Server. Turns out it's not quite that secure.

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Posted - 2002-07-23 : 16:38:02
Has anyone tried the code to break the passwords?
I ran it for 72 hours on a test server and it had not cracked a password yet. I was just curious if any one had run it until it cracked a password.

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