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 Managing your own primary keys

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Posted - 2002-07-12 : 09:13:35
James writes "We are developing a distributed application using SQL Server as the back end.

We do not want to use Identities for the primary keys. We are planning on making a "NextID" table that consists of each table name with the "next" ID that should be used.

Is there another way on managing primary keys without using Identities, especially when concurrency is an issue?


Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

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Posted - 2002-07-12 : 09:16:25
Yes! Use the table's NATURAL KEY....

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Posted - 2002-07-14 : 22:03:44
By all means, use the natural key. Failing that, consider the amount of traffic on the system before you implement any solution where every transaction will be going to the same table and updating the same row.

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Jedi Yak

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Posted - 2002-07-15 : 11:22:58
Another solution that works well with distributed applications is GUIDs.

Look up unique identifier and NewID() in BOL.


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