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 ClearTraceCmd.exe 2008.38 .NET issue maybe?

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Posted - 2012-12-21 : 18:58:20
Hiya all,

I have a sql agent job that scoops up a 3 minute duration trace file and populates the CTTables.

One step calls a Operating System(CmdExec) command as such D:\BaselineTrace\DIR\ClearTrace.bat

ClearTrace.bat looks like this:
CD D:\BaselineTrace\DIR
ClearTraceCmd.exe /s SERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME /d DATABASENAME /f D:\BaselineTrace\DIR\*.trc /group [DIR]

All has been running well, but recently ran into some troubles where the ClearTrace.exe process periodically hangs. I've checked the trace files that it's hanging on, and they are valid. As a matter of testing, I can manually execute the CMD and it loads just fine. Some servers work fine, others hang (but not every time)

Sometimes works, sometimes not. Trace files are not particuarily large and load in a couple of seconds.

A big clue came when we added a new node to our cluster and moved the SQL Service. All of the sudden, it began happening on a server that I hadn't experienced the issue on. I did notice that the servers it hangs on have .NET 4.0. The servers with .NET 3.5 have never had a problem. Indeed, the old node had 3.5... new node 4.0

Have any of you experienced issues with .NET version? Seems like I'm on the right track. Everything is super great with ClearTrace... just this one issue is a dealbreaker.

Now that I'm thinking about it... I might ship off my trace files to another server for processing. I can pick a server with .NET 3.5

Happy Holidays, and thanks again for a great tool.

~Todd Carrier

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Posted - 2012-12-26 : 16:25:15
Hmmm. I haven't experienced anything like that. I'm not sure why a later version would cause it to break. You didn't change SMO versons or install a service pack? Can you run it interactively on that same box? Meaning is it really related to .NET version and not some peculiarity of your service account?

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