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 Setting multiple columns equal to the identity column

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Posted - 2002-07-30 : 09:43:27
steve writes "I am rather familiar (maybe not by your standards) with SQL, and am having a bit of a tough time with a simple thing. I have an identity column in a table called ID. I also have a column called CommonID. The commonID links certain records together.

Right now I have the commonID defaulting to 0. When a record is added, I have a stored procedure that sets the commonID to the ID. That stored procedure is called in an ASP page. However, I am worried that if a record is created some other way, the commonID won't be set to the ID, and when I go to display the desired records and its common ones, I will get all records with commonID of 0. This is bad.

I know stored procedures very well, but am clueless about triggers, and I think that's what I need to get this working. Can you show me how, or point me to a good reference?"

Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

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Posted - 2002-07-30 : 10:17:40
Steve, I'm scratching my head wondering why you have two surrogate keys, both of which are candidate keys...

Can you post your ddl? Maybe CommonID should be a computed column?

Jay White
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