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 Article: Foam - FOR XML EXPLICIT Tool

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Posted - 2002-08-09 : 08:36:35
Steve submitted "Foam is a free .Net Windows application that is used to ease the creation of FOR XML EXPLICIT queries for use with MS SQL Server 2000. Foam does this by taking an XML document that you have formatted according to the incredibly simple structure specified below, and then parsing through the document to create the appropriate FOR XML EXPLICIT structure. This is the absolute base functionality of Foam.

With Foam, you can further specify parameters, constraints(FROM/WHERE clauses), and ORDER BY criteria. Foam will take the information that it has been given, and format it, and place it in the appropriate location for the stored procedure.

While Foam cannot hope to cover all the snags of working with FOR XML EXPLICIT, it does have some rules built in to create the procedure structure as accurately as possible to minimize errors. The more information you provide Foam with, the less chance of errors and need for debugging there will be at the end."

Article Link.

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Posted - 2002-08-09 : 11:42:24
Is there an article here or is this just (free) avertising?

Jay White
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Posted - 2002-08-09 : 12:27:21
Well, with a little cleanup it's a link to a free tool.

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Posted - 2002-08-13 : 16:56:36
As Graz states, it is a tool for SQL Server developers. In my original forum post I had a little disclaimer about how I hoped this didn't come across as a cheesy sales pitch.

No there's no article, this was the place recommended by Graz for me to submit the link. So to answer your this advertising? Yes. But it's certainly not for something that will be making me money, just trying to help other developers.


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Posted - 2002-10-04 : 14:22:59

...Foam does this by taking an XML document that you have formatted according to the incredibly simple structure specified below,...

Article Link.

Where is the "simple structure specified below"? I can't find it on the website at the end of this link.

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