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 Data loss during sql cluster failover

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Posted - 2013-07-26 : 13:35:07
We have Active/Passive cluster setup on Win 2003 server and SQL 2005 version.We manually moved all the sql cluster groups and then MSDTC to other node.After the failover,some of the databases went to Recovery_pending state with error 5173(Log file cannot associate with primary database files).Also,we lost data from sql server error and agent log.
Will there be any data loss during the cluster failover (or) how to troubleshoot this.

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Posted - 2013-07-31 : 00:39:40
It looks like log is missing or corrupt. To troubleshoot this problem, restore database from valid/clean backup. If you don't have backup then try below steps:

1. Detach the database
2. Delete the log file
3. Reattach the database again
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Posted - 2014-07-17 : 11:29:31
Although it is very old post I will reply.
A Cluster failover which will eventually cause SQL server failover cannot have DATA LOSS as such. What can happen is when failover happens SQL server is stopped on current node and restated on new node (where it is failed over). During the failover if suppose an heavy insert is going in begin tran and commit when SQL server will come online on node 2 it will go throough crash recovery and rollback complete transaction. If insert is without begin tran commit it will work in auto commit mode and only rows which were inseretd before failover will be present not complete rows which user wanted as failover stopped the process. I cannot qualify this as data loss.

What you faced is different issue and you said you lost data from SQL server errorlog and agent log this is not possible unless the drive on which SQLAGENT.OUT file resides is unavaialble.

Hope this helps

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