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 Running/Cumulative Avg Based on Datediff

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Posted - 2013-09-06 : 10:22:45
I need to go through thousands of records lines to determine that average time difference in records. This is based on records with the same item number and location number that the average is grouped by. It is a bit tricky because some transactions can have multiple in and out times while a few can have another set for the same record line on a different day. So I need to make sure I get the in and out time sets that occur on that same day for that record.

I have this piece of code that seems to work so I can see it is capturing the right in and out times for each record line. But I would like to know if there is a way that I can do a running average based on these grouped with the same location number and item number to get a summary result instead of the detail as I am doing here. Here is what I have that I would like to replace with a summary approach.

This temp table is based on results I already have from TableB and it begins by mapping that with the master database TableA.

create table #all_record_times
select distinct
(select count (distinct record_time)
from TableD where record_num = td.record_num
and location_num = td. location_num and record_time <= td. record_time and time_code = 'PB'),
null (record_end_time) /*this will be the “PL” time done during the following update*/
TableD td1
TableA.Time between Date1 and Date2
and TableA.item_num = TableB.item_num
and TableA.transact_num = TableC.transact_num
and TableB.loc_id = TableC.loc_id
and TableC.record_num = TableD.record_num
and TableD.time_code = 'pb' /*begin time*/
(TableD.record_time = (select min(record_time) from TableD
where time_code _code = 'pb' and record_num = td1.record_num
and location_num = td1.location_num ))
and TableD.location_num = TableB.location_num

order by TableD.record_num,TableD.location_num,TableD.record_time

update #all_record_times
record_end_time = record_time
#all_record_times art,
TableD.time_code = 'pl' /*end time*/
and TableD.record_num = art.record_num
and TableD.location_num = art.location_num

and TableD.record_time in (select min(record_time)
Record_num = art.record_num
and location_num = art.location_num

and record_time >= art.record_time
and convert(smalldatetime, convert(varchar(12), record_time,101)) =convert(smalldatetime, convert(varchar(12), art.record_time,101))
GROUP BY record_num, location_num,record_time,convert(smalldatetime, convert(varchar(12), record_time,101))

After a summary code is compiled, I would like to work with this result set:

Item_num, location_num, avg total time

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Posted - 2013-09-10 : 08:20:57
see some methods here

if you want specific help. please post some sample data and explain what you want as output
its quite difficult to make out what you want from code you posted.

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