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Posted - 2014-04-16 : 06:14:35

We have a situation where we need to replicate from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 R2 which should not be a problem. To do this we apparently have to set it up with Management Studio 2008 R2. On the server we already have replication running from/to SQL 2005 machines but my management is worried that installing Management 2008 R2 on that server will affect the current replication. Can anyone confirm that this will be ok?

I expect it will be OK as the Management Studio tools should not affect the database components but I just need to check to satisfy management.

Thanks for any replies.


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Posted - 2014-04-17 : 08:20:44
SSMS is just an IDE. Installing it won't affect your data. Also, it is smart enough to recognize the level of the db it is working with. e.g. SSMS 2012 can work with SQL Server 2005 databases just fine.

OTOH Why would you install SSMS on the server at all? Typically a server shouldn't be running an IDE or used for development or other interactive purposes. It's better to only run SSMS from a workstation connected to the server.

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Posted - 2014-04-17 : 10:48:22
Thanks for the info. Just as I expected.

Why is this installed on the server? Two reasons: 1) The person who set it up put it there. 2) The particular replication that this is relating to the server can only be connected to from this machine. It is an outside host and for some reason my machine cannot connect. This is something I am working on, as well as a host of other mess the previous people left behind.

I understand fully what you mean. Most of the administration is done from a different machine but this replication, until I can sort out the access, is a bit of a problem. It is temporary.
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