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 Carer Advice (sorry in advance for the long post)

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Posted - 2014-07-11 : 21:37:45
For about the past year I've been in kind of a hybrid Business Analyst / Data Analyst type role. This job is my only professional SQL experience, but I'm enjoying it. My goal in taking the job was to get some SQL experience, and ultimately do as much SQL development as I can. They've slowly been moving me into a full-time "Data Analyst" role. As they've realized I'm capable of doing development, they've given me a ruby development project as well as some development. I enjoy all of that a lot, and it will probably be happening more often as I progress in my current role.

I've just been offered another job in the parent company of my current employer. My best friend offered me the job (he's been my boss before and we work well together so I'm not worried about that). What concerns me is that the position is for a "Senior Business Process Analyst", which sounds lot like a BA to me, and the job description makes it sound a lot like a BA. The unique thing about it is that its a new position (I'd be the only one doing it), and my friend tells me it would be about 70% SQL/Data related, and 30% other business related tasks. From what he tells me, the job description is a canned job description for that role, and he says it would be different than what it says.

I'm concerned that "Sr. Business Process Analyst" would not be a title I would want on my resume if I'm trying to move more towards the development stuff. I'm not sure what matters more, the title or the things I do in the role that would be on my resume. I also don't want to take the job and it be more like 50% business stuff and 50% development. If I could just write code all day every day, that is perfect world scenario for me.

The position would be an automatic 10% increase in what I'm making now, which would take me 4 years or so of annual merit increases to get to that salary grade in my current role. Although, I'm trying not to let money factor into it too much.

Geez this is long. I'm really sorry.

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Posted - 2014-07-13 : 18:57:02
You got to go with your heart. By your wording, it doesn't sound like the new job is what you want. 10% salary increase is not enough if the job isn't what you want. While it might take 4 years or normal merit increases to make it to that mark, you can make it there sooner if you get a promotion or start demanding higher increasing if you're one of the rock stars there that they need.

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Posted - 2014-07-25 : 13:34:55
I would be inclined to trust my best friend / coworker. Job descriptions are often written by HR people and do not accurately reflect the position responsibilities. Don't let the requisition alone deter you. Get out there and ask around. It sounds like an inter-company transfer (parent company), so you have the unique opportunity to interrogate your potential teammates :)

Also, don't limit your learning opportunities to your workday. You can improve coding skills at night and on weekends too!
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