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 outer join conversion from 2000 not working the sa

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Posted - 2014-08-23 : 07:42:32
can someone help me to convert these joins. I have tried and tried, but cannot get the same results that this query produces when I try to convert to ansi OUTER joins: basically, I need a row for every order that is in Order and/or EA or and one row for each of the 3 returned by cdef = 1 (there are 3 values so if there is an order in Order with no matching OrderNumber in EA, I should get 3 rows back for each value in cdef (alt1, alt2, ex)

o.OrderNumber, o.companyname Company, cdef.shortname RegClass,
isnull(xa.Allotment,0) Allotment,
IsNull((select sum(qty) from tab_item where OrderNumber = xa.OrderNumber and ItemCode = cdef.Purchase_Allotment_Item and ItemStatus = 'A'),0) Purchased,
IsNull((select count(*) from tab_reg where regclass = xa.regclass and OrderNumber = xa.OrderNumber),0) Used

Order o,
EA xa,
ClassDef cdef

(cdef.exhibitor = 1)
and xa.regclass =* cdef.shortname
and o.ordernumber *= xa.ordernumber
and o.ordernumber <> 30000
and o.OrderType = 1

Order By

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