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 PHP and MSSQL: Is mssql_select_db() required?

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Posted - 2014-09-23 : 11:01:26
In my PHP code, I am calling a stored proc on an MSSQL database (2008 R2). Note: The db admin has set up my db user to use a database by default.

So since my db user has the database defaulted for it, do I have to use the mssql_select_db() in PHP? The code runs fine without the call (as far as I know), but I don't know if perhaps it's required for something that I'm just not seeing the effects of right now. Every single example of connecting to MSSQL on the internet shows the mssql_select_db() call -- but I want to know if it's really necessary in my case.

The reason I want to remove it is to speed up the process of connecting and executing the sp.

My PHP code looks like this:

$sqlLink = mssql_pconnect($serverName, $user, $password);

if ($sqlLink) {
// needed?
mssql_select_db($p21DbName, $sqlLink);

$stored_proc = mssql_init("[dbo].[stored_proc_name_here]", $sqlLink);
mssql_bind($stored_proc, "@customerID", $cust_num, SQLINT4);
mssql_bind($stored_proc, "@SKU", $SKU, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 15);
mssql_bind($stored_proc, "@qty", strval($quantity), SQLINT4);
$proc_result = mssql_execute($stored_proc);

Thank you!

Almighty SQL Goddess

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Posted - 2014-09-23 : 12:07:18
You should never rely on the default database being set. Always explicitly connect to the intended database in your connection string.

Tara Kizer
SQL Server MVP since 2007
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Posted - 2014-09-23 : 15:23:52
Thank you Tara.
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