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 corrupt 'msmMMOB.mdb' file

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Posted - 2014-11-28 : 07:37:33
In the process of cleaning up my harddrive, some files have been shuffled between OMFI MediaFile folders. Upon startup, Avid rescans the folders, however this time I am recieving an error message, and all projekts containing media files in the OMFI MediaFile folder which supposedly contains this corrupt 'msmMMOB.mdb' file appear to be offline. (but they still exist in the folder)

upon inspection of the OMFI MediaFile folder - I notice that there is no msmFMID.pmr

i've tried deleting the database files and rescanning, but no luck

I imagine I could move all the media files from the one drive's OMFI MediaFile folder to another drive's folder, and then Avid would see the files after rescanning etc...

any other ideas?

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Posted - 2014-11-28 : 09:07:39
This doesn't look like a SQL Server question. Perhaps you should try
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Posted - 2014-12-01 : 04:15:49

Create a new OMFI folder, and copy accross half of your media, to see if it works, and slowly by process of elimination youi should work out where the corrupt file is. Slow process but it works. Repairing the databases isn't likely to help. the databases have to reflect the media files in that folder.
If MC needs to update them it's because the folders contents have changed. Repairing them will at best get you back to an out of date position but must likely MC will detect they don't match the current file position and immediately rebuild them. The corrupt media file(s) need to be located by a process of dividing them up. Only MC can build the databases and it can only do that with good media files in the folder. And why is the OMFI media files error handling not so robust? I'd guess because OMFI media is an old technology and for many years the Avid read-mes have recommended moving to MXF files.

If it doesnt work, try to look at the answer here:

Or try some repair tool:
MDB Repair Kit is the best Microsoft Access MDB repair tool on the market that enables users to quickly and easily restore the contents of corrupted databases.

For more information:
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