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 Parameters in SSRS 2008 R2

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Posted - 2014-12-10 : 21:10:02
I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I have two data sources (two separate databases on the same server) in a report that share a common field (Agent Names). In the first database the agent names are called DISPLAY_NAME and in the second database the field is called SCEX_IPCM_ID. These fields are identical in their content and they are text fields. I have a table that uses the agent names (DISPLAY_NAME) to display call center metrics pulling from one database. I have another table that uses the same agent name to pull other metrics from the other database (SCEX_IPCM_ID). I want the second table to use the agent names from the first table (1st database) and match it to the metrics on the second table (pulling data from the second database). For example, if an agent named Aaron Lister has data in the first table, I want the second table to show his related data. I have created a parameter called DISPLAY_NAME which is the agent name field from the 1st database and set Profile.SCEX_IPCM_ID = @DISPLAY_NAME but I keep getting an error.

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Posted - 2014-12-11 : 09:21:38
First off, databases don't have columns, tables do. Please post the DDL for the tables involved.
Second, tables don't "pull other metrics". They can't; they just store data. Perhaps you mean a stored procedure or trigger or something else? Confused
Third, please post the queries you are using in SSRS to populate the datasets for the report.
Fourth, please post the error message you are getting.
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