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 Highlight the Background based on expression

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Posted - 2015-01-27 : 07:38:27

I have a table with 5 columns and I want to put this expression for the background color;
IIf xi > avg(x) + 3*stdev(x) OR xi < avg(x) - 3*stdev(x) THEN highlight

This is what I want to achieve, if column one is XI; then column 2,3,4 is X.
Then do this: Starting from column one, for to highlight column one, I firstly have to get the avg of column 2,3,4 and 5, add it with (3 * standard deviation of column 2,3,4 and 5 values) , then see if the value I get is below column one(which is XI on this instance),

And the same applies for other columns, if I want to see if I can highlight column two, I need to get the avg of column 1,3,4 and 5, then add that with (3 * standard deviation of column 2,3,4 and 5 values) then see if the value I get is below column two(which is XI on this instance).

Please help me on how can I get around this issue, or maybe if that's a better way.

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Posted - 2015-01-27 : 08:27:13
Here is an example, some logic you can work with:

Using IIF

=iif((Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value <= DateAdd("s",-1,Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value), "Blue",(iif(Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value = DateAdd("d" ,-1, Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value),"Red", iif(Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value <= DateAdd("d",-2, Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value),"Green", ""))))

Using Switch

Switch(Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value = Today(),"Red",
Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value = DateAdd("d",+1,Today()),"Orange",
Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value >= DateAdd("d",+2, Today()),"Green",
Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value < DateAdd("d",0, Today()),"Blue",
Len(Fields!Agreed_Solved_Date___Time.Value) = 0,"")

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