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 Transfer SQL from 2005 to 2008 new server

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Posted - 2015-03-25 : 07:33:59
**Newb Alert - I am noob when it comes to SQL so please keep that in mind.

I am trying to figure out the best method for transferring SQL 2005 databases from 2 different physical servers to a new server running windows server 2008 64bit.

I own a fully registered copy of Microsoft SQL 2005 32bit Standard Edition. However all of my SQL databases together are only 4GB in size thereby making 2008 SQL Express an option.

Here is the breakdown of the servers:

1) (Old Server1) Windows 2003 Server 32bit - SQL Express 2005 32bit
2) (Old Server2) Windows 2003 Server 32bit - SQL Server 2005 32bit Standard
3) (New Server) Windows 2008 Server 64bit - (Not sure which version to install)

**The objective is to migrate 2 SQL databases from Old Server1 and 1 SQL database from Old Server 2 to the New Server. What version should I install on the new server??? Do I go with 2008 express or install the 2005 Standard Edition?

Pending your response to which version to install, what are the correct steps to migrate (which I have never done before) the databases from both of these servers to the new server?

I have researched this online and I think this particular situation is unique in that I am transferring from both SQL Express and Standard from 2 different physical servers to a 2008 server that is 64bit. I cannot find anything online that I feel confident in trying. Please help me, as I have this migration deadline of this weekend. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

James K
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Posted - 2015-03-25 : 11:12:28
There is no reason you have to migrate to only SQL 2008. If you go to SQL 2008R2 or beyond, you will get 10 GB in Express edition. Windows Server 2008 (SP2) can support even SQL 2014. Search for "Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server" on Microsoft.

After you decided which version of SQL Server you are going to migrate to, look up here to see whether all the features that you are using are supported in that version of SQL For example, if you are using reporting services, you would need Express Advanced. I would get Express Advanced or Express with tools.

After you have the new version installed, you can backup the databases from the old server and restore them onto the new server. You will also need to migrate users and logins.

What I have described above is just a rough outline. Lot of testing would be required. For example, to see if you were using any old features that were supported in SQL 2005, but not in the newer version.

By the way, the old server being 32 bit and new server being 64 bit should have no impact on your migration process as described above.

I am not a DBA; I am just a developer pretending to be a DBA sometimes. Others on the forum who have more expertise in administering SQL Server can add additional thoughts (and even correct me if I am wrong *gasp* in any of my suggestions above)
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Posted - 2015-03-26 : 10:02:19
Thanks for the suggestions.
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