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 Querry to pull data from multiple rows into 1 row

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Posted - 2015-03-31 : 11:10:52
HEllo. I am currently stuck on something that ive been wanting to find a way around for a while now. I currently have a table that lists ItemCode and Location. When looking at the table some items have multiple locations and some only have 1. It will show up like this:

Product1 Location1
Product1 Location2
Product1 Location5
Product234 Location2

What i need is for when the query is pulling for example, the result will look something like this:
Proudct1 Location1, Location2, Location3
Product234 location2

Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

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Posted - 2015-03-31 : 12:25:03
declare @ table (ItemCode varchar(50), Location varchar(50))
insert into @ (ItemCode, Location) values
('Product1', 'Location1'),
('Product1', 'Location2'),
('Product1', 'Location5'),

select ItemCode, stuff(Locations, 1,2,'') Locations
from @ t
cross apply
select ', ' +location
from @
where ItemCode = t.ItemCode
order by Location
for xml path('')
) _(Locations)
group by ItemCode, Locations
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Posted - 2015-03-31 : 13:34:29
Thank you so much! I can not tell you how many times i have had to manually do this.
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