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Posted - 2015-04-15 : 02:59:01

We are calling a web service using script component in SSIS. This script is accessing around 2,84,000 rows but processing them one by one in small chunks, calling a web service by passing the row values as parameter and returning the output buffer to the final OLEDB destination.

The web service returns valid address information in the form of xml using soap protocol. The xml returned is not storedas a file but it is used to access the values of inner elements. These values are finally inserted into the SQL server table.

However, on each execution of the package the TEMPDB database is becoming full and the data insertion is failing, but the TEMPDB size allocated is 5GB.

My question is why mere insertion of around 0.2 million records is causing the TEMPDB to become full. Does this have anything to do with the webservice call or the XML returned?

In case it does how can we clean up the memory programatically?

Thanks in advance

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Posted - 2015-04-15 : 05:46:31


I executed the following statement further :

" USE tempdb
EXEC sp_spaceused"

and this returns the following resultset as shown below :
database database_size unallocated_space
tempdb 4992.00 MB 1021.58 MB

reserved data index-size unused
2480 KB 936 KB 1120 KB 424 KB

The "reserved space" is showing low around 2.4 MB. Has this got anything to do with TEMPDB becoming full while populating arpund 2,84.184 records?

Kindly suggest.

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