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Posted - 2015-05-04 : 12:50:41
The other day I faced the damaged base of server (MS SQL 2005) which works with failure, and it is impossible to restore by testing correction (the checksum error takes off). Thus the base isn't unloaded in the file - the same mistake. Therefore it wasn't succeeded to restore base. Advise, what should I do, to save base?


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Posted - 2015-05-04 : 14:25:02
Can you restore from an older Backup file?

If your database is using FULL Recovery Model then you can restore an old Full backup, and then restore ALL the Log Backups since then. It just takes longer than restoring from the most recent Full backup file.
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Posted - 2015-05-05 : 09:23:02
I can advise to try to restore base by testing of the SQL. Here are the commands:

If previous two didn't help, then it is already possible to apply a third, but it carries behind it a potential data loss, and it is desirable to apply in a hopeless case.
If the command fails because there is no the single-user mode, then it is possible to pass on command
alter database db-name set SINGLE_USER
It is clear that before any tests it is necessary to make a backup copy (means of SQL if unloading is not done).
Or you can try to restore the database using Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server.
In addition you can come on information resource and look at recommendations there.
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Posted - 2015-05-05 : 10:34:50
REPAIR_FAST does nothing (since before SQL 2005 !! )
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Posted - 2015-05-05 : 13:54:48
Before using any of the repair options - please run the integrity check as DBCC CHECKDB {your database} WITH no_infomsgs, all_errormsgs; and post the results here. This will tell us whether or not the database is in fact repairable.

To restore the damaged database you can try setting the continue on error flag during restore - that may help you get past that particular error and get the database restored.
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