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 Article: Using DTS and FTP to Push Files

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Posted - 2003-01-13 : 14:49:41
This article comes to us from Bill Twomey. Bill writes "I had to automate a daily extract process. This job had to extract a set of records, and deliver them to a remote system. At first this seemed like an easy task, but the requirements of outgoing transfer, a new filename each day and verifying delivery, made the assignment interesting. What’s so interesting since DTS gives you an FTP task? The FTP task does not deliver files. How do you verify the delivery? The FTP task will not do this. I resorted to using FTP in another way. Along the way, the assignment became a challenge to get the package to handle the daily-changing filename."

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Posted - 2003-05-07 : 12:19:55
You can also use t-sql to do the ftp in a stored proc. It will need a work directory but is easier than dts.
This gets round any problems with file names and you can do a dir command in the same way to verify the delivery.

FTP Put File using t-sql
FTP Get Directory t-sql

Cursors are useful if you don't know sql.
DTS can be used in a similar way.
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Posted - 2003-05-07 : 15:43:16
I've actually gone down nigel's road, not using the DTS very much any more. It's amazing what can be done using pure t-sql, linked servers, bcp etc.

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