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 sp_SMTPMail stored procedure problem

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Posted - 2003-11-24 : 08:37:39
I am using the sp_SMTPMail stored procedure with the following code

Create Procedure sp_SMTPMail

@SenderName varchar(100),
@SenderAddress varchar(100),
@RecipientName varchar(100),
@RecipientAddress varchar(100),
@Subject varchar(200),
@Body varchar(8000),
@MailServer varchar(100) = ''


SET nocount on

declare @oMail int --Object reference
declare @resultcode int

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OACreate 'SMTPsvg.Mailer', @oMail OUT

if @resultcode = 0
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'RemoteHost', @mailserver
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'Melody', @SenderName
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, '', @SenderAddress

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OAMethod @oMail, 'AddRecipient', NULL, @RecipientName, @RecipientAddress

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'Subject', @Subject
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'BodyText', @Body

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OAMethod @oMail, 'SendMail', NULL

EXEC sp_OADestroy @oMail

SET nocount off

exec sp_SMTPMail @SenderName='Ebony', @SenderAddress='',
@RecipientName = 'Melody',
@RecipientAddress = '',
@Subject='SQL Test', @body='Hello, this is a test email from SQL Server'

While the stored procedure has been created, when I try and execute it I get the follwoing error message

Server: Msg 217, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_SMTPMail, Line 18
Maximum stored procedure nesting level exceeded (limit 32).

(the email address and server name have been made up for security purposes)

Can some one please help me I need to have this working like yesterday.


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Posted - 2003-11-24 : 08:40:09
Is that the exact code you are running ?

Put a GO between the end of the proc, and the call to it you have put in as a test. It looks to me like it's getting into a loop.

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