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 cannot add a user to a database

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Aged Yak Warrior

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Posted - 2004-01-12 : 03:13:13
I am trying to add a user to a database but I get the error :
Error 15023: User or role 'abacus' already exists in the current database.
also, f I try to delete the user from sysusers table I get an error regarding cannot run ad hoc queries on system tables.

can anyone help ?

Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2004-01-12 : 05:15:24
Why are you trying to add a user that already exists? Has the database been restored from another server and the user ids are messed up? If so, try the sp_change_users_login stored proc with the 'auto_fix' parameter to sort out the login.

If that doesn't work you can update the system table, but it's not recommended. Use the sp_configure option to set the 'allow updates' option to 1.

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Posted - 2004-01-12 : 05:24:09
Look at master..syslogins to find the user.
Now look at sysusers to find the user that is mapped to that login.
Use sp_dropuser to get rid of it.
Now you should be able to add the user.

Cursors are useful if you don't know sql.
DTS can be used in a similar way.
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Aged Yak Warrior

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Posted - 2004-01-12 : 05:24:47
cheers Raymond, i've used the recommended sp and all is now fine !
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