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 DTS to dump data to text file - update - BCP?

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Posted - 2004-04-19 : 10:56:32
Update - OK, I'm trying BCP instead...but I want the columns to be pipe-delimited and quoted...and I'm not a bcp guru. Right now I'm using the command:

set @cmd = 'bcp "SELECT * FROM test..activities" queryout \\server\testSQL\activities.txt -c -t"|" -Ssqlprod'
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @cmd

...and that seems to work, except I can't get it double-quoted - help?

Original question:
I am trying to use a dts package to dump about 45 tables out to pipe-delimited text files...I can create the first one fine using the wizard, but I want all of them to be in one dts package. When I try to manually create the transformations, Ent Mgr barfs on me - says the memory could not be read - and exits. I can select the source, but the destination comes up empty - when I try to define the columns on the destination it gives me the memory error. After playing with this all morning, it appears to work ok on some tables - but not others! and I can't determine what the magic condition is (number/type of columns, etc.) Anybody have this happen to them? Any ideas?

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Posted - 2004-04-19 : 17:03:48
OK, stupid question time....(I'm very good at that)

Why do you want he quotes?

Did you try ""|""



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Posted - 2004-04-19 : 17:07:17
The person that was going to use the output txt files wanted them quoted...but after I whined, he now I'm just using the pipe, and it seems to be working ok for him. Thanks!
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Posted - 2009-04-07 : 20:45:11
How can I insert field labels to the output text file?
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Posted - 2009-06-11 : 15:10:10
just wanted to provide another example that works... thanks for all the posts.... (by the way, this reports on ssrs usage)

exec master..xp_cmdshell 'bcp "Select UserName, name as ReportName, timestart as ReportStart, timeend as ReportEnd, TimeRendering, TimeDataRetrieval, status as ReportStatus, c.[Name], Parameters From reportserver.dbo.ExecutionLog e inner join reportserver.dbo.Catalog c on e.reportid = c.ItemID where timestart > getdate()-30 order by timestart desc" queryout d:\perflogs\ssrsreport.txt -T -c -U sa -S server\instance'
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