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 sql resultset in VB Not VB.NET

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Posted - 2004-07-16 : 15:32:44
Basically I created a custom calendar--it is set up the same was as microsofts calendar(active x control)

the following is all from VB6 NOT

I created a sqlstatement:
SQLString = "SELECT * FROM TblEmpAttendance WHERE Date = " & SomeDay

The valiable Someday holds all the values(from a loop) for the valid days in the current month and year!

I need to do the following:
Chk which employee(EmployeeID) the user is currently working on
Search the aforementioned table for that employee
Load the data(result set) int a textbox array in my custom calendar
My txtbox array is TxtDate(0) - TxtDate(42) but only 31 MAX are valid
I say MAx cuz there may only be a MAX of 31 days in a month

I tried(To start with):
Private Sub LoadValues()
Dim SQLString, SomeDay As String
Dim StartPoint, StopPoint, I As Integer

'Add Values to textBoxes
For I = 1 To 31 Step 1 'loop only though valid textboxes
SomeDay = MyMonth & "/" & I & "/" & CboYear.Text
SQLString = "SELECT * FROM TblEmpAttendance WHERE Date = " & SomeDay
AdoQuery.RecordSource = SQLString
TxtDate(I).Text = SQLString

Next I

End Sub

Unfortunatley I cant refer to the result AND i have NEVER tried anything like this before-I dont even know where to start!!

Any help would be highly appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance!!

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