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 Using AWE option in SQL !!!

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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2004-08-19 : 22:03:18
Hi ,

We just executed some performance tests on one of our SQL 2000 servers Enterprise Edition ) and the team has recommended to use the AWE option of Windows 2000 server because as per their reports they feel that SQL is not utilising the entire 4 GB which is the physical RAM on that server .

Is that correct ? Because I think SQL manages memory dynamically and will all the available memory by default unless you set the max memory option to restrict .

Also the AWE option , as per all the related articles on the net , should be enabled only if the server has more that 4 GB of RAM . But in my case what if the server just has 4 Gigs ? Will the AWE and the PAE options work ? I just reviewed the MS article 274750 but was not clear .

We have Windows 2000 Advanced server and the the max memory setting is set to use the maximum .


Pointy Haired Yak DBA

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Posted - 2004-08-19 : 22:21:22
It won't improve anything because there's nothing for it to improve with. If you only have 4gb AND it's a dedicated SQL Server, you should probably add the /3gb switch to the boot.ini. This allows SQL Server to use 3gb instead of 2. The OS then has 1 to use. Don't do this if it's not a dedicated SQL Server though. Leave the SQL Server memory settings at the default. There's no reason to change it unless you have more than 4gb of RAM, unless you're running other apps on the server.


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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2004-08-19 : 22:28:15
Got it !! Thanks a lot .

But does that mean that when SQL server memory is set to max then it will not use the entire RAM when it needs . I thought it would use the entire 4 GB when it is required and then later release it and that /3 GB switch would not help in any way .

The box is a dedicated SQL box.
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Jedi Yak

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Posted - 2004-08-20 : 00:42:00
By default, no app can use more than 2GB of memory. If you add the /3GB switch, the OS will get 1 GB, and SQL server will get 3GB.

If you have more than 4GB of RAM, then you should explore AWE. You take a performance hit by using AWE, so you only want to use it when you have more than 4GB of RAM.

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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2004-08-20 : 02:37:47
Noted .

Danke Michael and Derrick für Ihre Antwort.

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