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Posted - 2004-09-16 : 08:39:30
Eduard Bitao writes "Team:

A DBA has a stored procedure that creates a table view using two (2) concurrent Database (e.g, A_DB and B_DB) originally installed in a single SQL Server. Now, I have to migrate the A_DB only onto another SQL Server (different App. Server) but not the B_DB (stays with the original App. Server) - the problem is how to access those tables indicated originally in the stored procedure which accesses B_DB in the original SQL Server?

Thanks and would appreciate your help.


Aged Yak Warrior

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Posted - 2004-09-16 : 09:25:40
Hi there,

You could try creating linked servers using the special stored procedure, sp_addlinkedserver (you can read more about this in BOL for full syntax and options).

To relate this to your question let us assume that both your databases, A_DB and B_DB are held in 'ServerOne' then A_DB is moved to ServeTwo. The sproc does not know that A_DB is no longer in the same server so it will not work.

First we create a linked server, something like this :

exec sp_addlinkedserver @Server = 'ServerTwo',
srvproduct = 'SQLTeam OLEDB Provider'

Check to see that your linked server has been added by using sp_linkedservers, like :

exec sp_linkedServers

All you need to do now is modify the code in your stored procedure so where there is a mention of any object in A_DB you will need to do something like this :

select * from ServerTwo.A_DB.dbo.someObject

Hope this helps.

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